Are you a fan of historical fiction novels? New to the genre? Not a regular reader but interested in something new?  Welcome!  Here you’ll find reviews of historical fiction books–old, new, and upcoming–and related musings.

Interested in other genres? Great! I’ll make occasional reviews of books from some of my other favorite genres as well. Like fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries, espionage, classics, memoirs, medicine,…to name a few.

Have any books you’d like to read, recommend, and discuss? You’re in the right place. Feel free to interact with me and others as often as you like. ‘Kay? Cool.

About Me

I am a reader, a devoted one.  I have been poring over books for as long as I can remember: from routine weekend library trips in my youth to exploring new, “hi-tech” ways of reading with e-readers and apps as an adult. Over the last few years, I have had a growing interest in historical fiction–books, movies, and television series alike–a literary interest I’d like to share with others.

I’ve tutored for 10+ years, gleefully “corrupting” my pupils with a love for reading whenever possible…mwah ha ha. *Ahem.* And I’d like to continue spreading my love for the written, and audible, word with as many others as possible.

One of the many lovable characters in my life, and images of this site, is Reese, my dachshund and constant companion. His will be a regular presence on this blog, as is true of my actual reading experience. ^_^

Happy Reading!

Trisarey (a.k.a. Trisa)

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Have any questions or feedback? Please feel free to contact me at absolutebookishness@gmail.com.


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