Dewey’s 24-Hour #Readathon (Fall 2019)


Greetings Bookish Lovelies!  Hope you’ve been cozying up to your bookshelves, leafing through your favorite Fall tomes, raking the shelves for lovely Autumn book releases, and FALLing into some breathtaking literary worlds!  (Wow, I think I broke my “PUNny” bone…*crickets* Okay, I’ll stop. -_-)

Yes, it’s autumn–my favorite time of year!  And although it’s definitely cooler outdoors, it’s also very rainy where I call home because some things never change. Oh well, the better to read books with my dear. (^_~)

And, of course, we’ve reached the time of year again.  Where too many of us panick over completing our yearly reading goals and rush through as many books as we can get our hands on.  (While the savvier amongst us just change reading goals and read however many books they want. ^_^)  If you’re like me and would love some inspiration while you plow through your TBR pile and “gourd” yourself on books this Fall,consider joining me with one of my favorite reading challenges: Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon!



The Challenge

Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon has returned! Hosted by Heather and Andi of The Estella Society, Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon is a biannual reading challenge, which takes places in April and October.  This Saturday, October 26th, marks the latest round.

For 24 hours, I’ll join readers from all over the book community (on different social media platforms) and read a selection of books from terrifying TBR (to-be-read) and CR (currently reading) lists, post progress updates, and accept some mini challenges during this readathon.  Essentially, I’ll get a chance to connect with ALL the book peeps and maybe win some incredible bookish prizes!  You can find out more about this readathon and how to participate here.

My Reading List

This is what my reading list as of now:

The Escape Manual for Introverts by Katie Vaz

Fraternity by Juan Díaz Canales

Hudson’s Kill by Paddy Hirsch

After the Flood by Kassandra Montag

Skyward Vol. 2: Here There be Dragonflies by Joe Henderson

Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart

Sisters of Shadow and Light by Sarah B. Larson

The Athena Protocol by Shamim Sarif

Like last time, I’m hoping to finish a few current reads (because I obviously have a  problem with picking up new books before finishing the ones I’ve already started).  And I’ve listed more books than I expect to finish. Just like my like lifelong TBR. Ha ha! (^_^;)

My plan, this time, is to break often and read shorter books so I can finally get ahead on my Goodreads reading challenge. All while taking advantage of this ambient reading weather I’m enjoying this weekend. During breaks, I hope to work on a few blog posts and what not! So much to do, so few timeturners!

Join the Challenge

Like earlier this year, I’m mostly participating as a reader. I’ll try my best to keep you up to date on my progress. If you’re interested in being a reader too, you can sign up here and comment below.

You can also cheer readers on, volunteer in other ways (like promoting the readathon and/or hosting mini challenges), donate to a charity you like, or just follow along via social media (on Twitter follow the hashtag #Readathon). Whatever and however much you do is up to you. No matter what, you’re sure to have a lit-sational time!

Okay, Bookish Lovelies, I think that’s all for now. So, are you joining us for Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon?

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Stay Reading! ^_^



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