Dewey’s 24-Hour #Readathon (Fall 2019)


Greetings Bookish Lovelies!  Hope you’ve been cozying up to your bookshelves, leafing through your favorite Fall tomes, raking the shelves for lovely Autumn book releases, and FALLing into some breathtaking literary worlds!  (Wow, I think I broke my “PUNny” bone…*crickets* Okay, I’ll stop. -_-)

Yes, it’s autumn–my favorite time of year!  And although it’s definitely cooler outdoors, it’s also very rainy where I call home because some things never change. Oh well, the better to read books with my dear. (^_~)

And, of course, we’ve reached the time of year again.  Where too many of us panick over completing our yearly reading goals and rush through as many books as we can get our hands on.  (While the savvier amongst us just change reading goals and read however many books they want. ^_^)  If you’re like me and would love some inspiration while you plow through your TBR pile and “gourd” yourself on books this Fall, Continue reading