#24in48 Hour Readathon–Summer 2017 Closing Survey and Updates


Hello again, my sweet little book munchers!  Hope you enjoyed an excellent weekend embracing your bookshelves and devouring their contents!  Mmm…affection and violent consumption. Sounds good to me. ^_^

Alas, the 24 in 48 Hour Readathon has come to an end.  (See my last post here). And though I’m sad it’s over, I’m also glad because…I made it!  I read sooo hard, and now I can give my poor eyes some much needed rest.  (And, yes, I think there might be smoke coming from my glasses lenses. *Sniff sniff* I smell polycarbonate.  Haha.)

So let’s wrap this up–until next time, of course.

Closing Survey

The hosts of the 24 in 48-Hour Readathon left this closing survey for us readathoners:

  1. How many books did you read? Pages? (If you didn’t keep track, tell me that too!)
  2. How many hours did you read?
  3. What do you think worked well in this readathon?
  4. What do you think could be done to improve the readathon for next time?
  5. Will you participate in a future 24in48 readathon?

I read from six books/works.  I finished 3 books and 1 short story, and started two new books.  Didn’t track number of pages though…womp, womp, waaa.  To be precise, I read for 24 hrs 10 mins and 14 secs.  (See my timing details below.  You can blame many of the interruptions on Reese.  Cute little dachsies do not like to be ignored.)  Sandpaper eyes much?

I like the different platforms used to connect with the book community.  But, I wish there were more mini challenges.  And I’d like more challenges where pics are optional.  I obsess over them too much and it distracts me.  But that’s more of a personal problem. -_-

I’d definitely come back for more.  This readathon helped me bust through a…ahem, *whispers* a reading slump.  (I know, I know. But, I’m still sort of in denial.)  Plus, I love games and challenges (obviously), and I welcome another opportunity to fine tune my reading prowess.

#24in48-Hour Readathon–Summer 2017
July 22nd – July 23rd
Timekeeping Sheet
Start Stop
~~Day One~~
1 0:00 1:49
2 1:49 5:41
3 5:41 7:26
4 7:26 7:54
5 7:54 9:07
6 9:07 11:57
~~Day Two~~
7 11:57 14:32
8 14:32 15:05
9 15:05 18:33
10 18:33 19:09
11 19:09 21:50
12 21:50 22:27
13 22:27 23:55
14 23:55 24:10:14

 My Reading List

Here’s what I read or started reading:

League of American Traitors by Matthew Landis

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

The White-Throated Transmigrant by E. Lily Yu

Razzle Dazzle Unicorn (Heavenly Nostrils, #4) by Dana Simpson

Beasts Made of Night by Tochi Onyebuchi

Serafina and the Splintered Heart by Robert Beatty

Tiger Lily and Beasts Made of Night were most surprising to me.  I sort of stumbled on these two (while perusing through Goodreads, Book Twitter, and other book sites/social media, like I do daily).  And I’m really glad I did.  I love books like these.  Ones you weren’t sure you’d like but wound up loving anyway.  They always feel like a gift. ^_^

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, my TBR list did grow during this readathon.  Because, that’s my life.

So what do you think?  If you participated or followed along, how did you like the readathon?  Will you be joining next time?  Any tips for me?  Share in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by.  And, as always…

Happy Reading!



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