#24in48 Hour Readathon–Summer 2017 Closing Survey and Updates


Hello again, my sweet little book munchers!  Hope you enjoyed an excellent weekend embracing your bookshelves and devouring their contents!  Mmm…affection and violent consumption. Sounds good to me. ^_^

Alas, the 24 in 48 Hour Readathon has come to an end.  (See my last post here). And though I’m sad it’s over, I’m also glad because…I made it!  I read sooo hard, and now I can give my poor eyes some much needed rest.  (And, yes, I think there might be smoke coming from my glasses lenses. *Sniff sniff* I smell polycarbonate.  Haha.)

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#24in48 Hour Readathon–Summer 2017 Edition


Morning, morning bookish lovelies! Hope your summer reading has been excellent and your reading game is going strong.  And speaking of games…one of my favorite reading challenges has returned!  It’s time for the 24 in 48 Hour Readathon!  A nice cool way to dog ear it through our dog days.  Pun intended. (I know,  I know–I just couldn’t help myself.)

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