May 2016 Bookishness

Here’s some of the bookish “May-hem” taking place this month.* (You see what I did there. ^_~  Okay, okay…I’ll stop. -_-)


May 5 – August 17: Sync Audiobook Summer Reading Program.  Ever been interested in listening to your books?  While engaging in other activities (cooking, gardening, walking/exercising, etc.)?  Well, now’s your chance to do so this summer with 30 audiobook titles…for free.

May 7:  Free Comic Book Day.  Whether you’re new to comics or a regular reader, this is a perfect opportunity to snag some free comics at participating book stores.  Click the link to find out which stores in your area are sharing the love of the graphic world.

May 11 – 14:  BookExpo America (BEA)/Book Con.  For those that can’t attend, there’s Armchair BookExpo America (Armchair BEA), a virtual counterpart to the original event.

Reading Challenges

May 21:  National Readathon Day.  A 4-hour readathon (sponsored by Penguin Random House, Goodreads, Mashable, and the National Book Foundation) running from 12pm – 4 pm where readers from across the globe can join one another and share their love of reading through local and/or virtual reading parties.  Participants are also encouraged make raise funds and make donations to the National Book Foundation. #TimetoRead

Any plans to participate in any of these events or recognize any of these holidays in any special way?  If so, which ones?  Are you aware of any other bookishness happenings this month?

*For a list of some book fairs and festivals taking place this month, see


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