Book List: Around the World in Yesterdays

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What follows is a list of countries (and, for those in the U.S., states, regions, cities/towns, etc.) I have visited, am visiting, or will visit vicariously through historical fiction books and plays.  (Some involve travelling within the books, like The House of Hawthorne, so bear with me).  As expected, this list will

continue to grow right along with my ever-growing to-read list. Which likely means it’ll never be finished. (Man, I’ve got a lot of reading to do.)

  • Afghanistan – The Kite Runner*, A Thousand Splendid Suns*
  • China – The Courtesan**, Shanghai Girls *
  • Egypt – Nefertiti*
  • France – All the Light We Cannot See, A Tale of Two Cities*, The Hunchback of Notre Dame*, Mademoiselle Chanel*, The Nightingale, The Paris Architect*
  • Germany – The Book Thief, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas*, Flight of Dreams, The Girl from the Train*, The Plum Tree*, The War within These Walls
  • India – Rebel Queen
  • Japan – Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Kenya – Circling the Sun**
  • Poland – Salt to the Sea
  • Russia – Anna Karenina*, Between Shades of Gray*, The Crown’s Game, The Crown’s Fate*, War and Peace**
  • South Africa – The Fever Tree*
  • United Kingdom – A Darker Shade of Magic, A Gathering of Shadows*, A Memory of Violets*, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Lie Tree, The Other Daughter*, My Lady Jane, Rebecca, The House at Riverton*, The Song of Hartgrove Hall, Stalking Jack the Ripper**, Vanessa and Her Sister*,  The Watchmaker of Filigree Street*
  • USA – The Bookseller*, The Crucible, The Gilded Hour*, The Girl from Everywhere, The Girl Who Wrote in Silk, Glory Over Everything*, Gone with the Wind*, The House of Hawthorne*, The Truth According to Us, The Mapmaker’s Children*, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn*, The Forgotten Room*, The Scarlet Letter, Serafina and the Black Cloak, Serafina and the Twisted Staff, Stars Over Sunset Boulevard* 
  • ??? – Ink and Bone, Ivory and Bone

* to-read
**currently reading

Note: I’ve tried to keep as close to more stringent definitions of what constitutes historical fiction as possible, but to err is human. *sigh*  If you notice anything that doesn’t seem to fit the category, please comment below and let me know.


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