Reading Challenge: ARC August 2019

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Hello Bookish Lovelies! Can you believe its August already? Hope you’ve been sipping delicious cold beverages, drinking in beautiful summerscapes, and gulping down new releases hot of the press! Or soaking up old favorite reads in the cool shade! (This is making me so thirsty!)

This year, I thought I’d try something new. I have a bunch of advanced reader copies (ARCs) quietly judging me, and there’s a reading challenge I’ve been meaning to take on for a while–ARC August! So hold on to your reading gear, and let’s dive into a stack of stories and another fun summer reading challenge!

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#24in48 Hour Readathon–Summer 2019 Closing Survey and Updates


Hello again, my little bookish dragonflies!  I hope you enjoyed another weekend of bookish revelries, holding the books of your dreams in your arms and they whisper sweet stories into your ears (or across the page, depending on the format).  What a wonderful bookish love affair!  ^_^

Alas, the 24 in 48 Hour Readathon has drifted away with a tide of countless books.  And while I’m sad it’s over, I’m happy I had a chance to participate in this bookish summertime fun!  I read sooo hard, I think my eyes need a vacation.

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#24in48 Hour Readathon–Summer 2019 Edition


Greetings bookish dragonflies!  Hope your summer reading has cooler than mine (*raspy voice* it’s sooo hot!) and your reading is refreshing and sunny (or, at least, air conditioned).  Summer is an excellent time for beach reads and diving into all sorts of summertime fun. Like one of my favorite summer reading challenges!  That’s right, it’s time for the 24 in 48 Hour Readathon!  So grab your lemonades and umbrella drinks, and let’s swim in a sea of stories!

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Book Review: Peccadillo at the Palace by Kari Bovée

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Salutations bookish companions, your friendly neighborhood BookShark is back! Today, I’m partnering with the publishers of SparkPress to review Kari Bovée’s latest novel, Peccadillo at the Palace. This book marks the second installment in the An Annie Oakley Mystery series. Take a gander at my review below, learn more about the book and author, and don’t forget to add Peccadillo at the Palace to your to-read list, if it piques your fancy!

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